Have you checked the latest version of our Wi-Fi analysis software? With the new version of our Wi-Fi Acrylic Professional v3.0 analyzer, you get a trendy, whole new graphic interface design.

wi-fi analysis software

We have integrated Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional with Windows 10 so you can perform powerful Wi-Fi analysis within a modern, clean, and neat environment, faster than ever.

The new Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional 3.0 comes with all previous wireless network analysis functionalities, but now it is lighter and more powerful than before. Every software feature have been tested and improved to make it more intuitive and user-friendlier. You will not need to go over any tutorial to start using the new Acrylic version, since all the network analysis information is now at just one click away.

In addition to the new Windows 10 integration, we have enhanced, as always, our software functionalities, so you can analyze your wireless networks and detect Wi-Fi issues faster and more efficiently.

Wi-Fi Analysis Improvements in Version 3.0

  • Graphic interface redesigned to Windows 10.
  • New algorithms that improve wireless network performance assessment.
  • New Wi-Fi analysis and recommendations for a better wireless network performance.
  • Detailed captions on Signal Strength chart for a faster wireless network performance evaluation.
  • More detailed Wi-Fi Channels chart for faster diagnosis.
  • Improved connectivity module support, for wireless lan network password strength evaluation. Increased number of AP’s that can be evaluated.
  • Integrated detailed help tips, redesigned to the new graphic interface. Specifically engineered to resolve software issues faster.

Download and install Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional and share your experience with us! And if you are a student, get your Student Acrylic Wi-Fi license today!