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WiFi analysis, site survey & troubleshooting

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Get network diagnostics from your laptop or tablet.

Easy to use

Visualize all results in an intuitive and user-friendly way.


Reduce WiFi network downtime and increase performance.

Acrylic Suite solutions

Planning & site survey

Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps

Analysis and troubleshooting

Acrylic Wi-Fi Analyzer

Advanced sniffer

Acrylic Wi-Fi Sniffer


Acrylic Wi-Fi LEA

Bluetooth analysis

Acrylic BLE Analyzer

All stages of a WiFi infrastructure analysis at your disposal.
Design and plan your WiFi deployment from scratch. Get assessment on already deployed networks.
Visualize all results graphically, obtain intuitive metrics and generate customized reports.

  • Design and plan a WiFi network from scratch.
  • Site survey, coverage and network quality heatmaps.
  • WiFi quality. Identify and fix all problem areas of your WiFi infrastructure.
  • Create customized and editable reports.
  • WiFi 7 support in all frequency bands

And many other features...

Planning Site survey Quality Reports
Access points Devices Quality Troubleshoot

Discover what is happening on your Wi-Fi network, run metrics, and measure the performance. Resolve issues and get improvement recommendations.
Simple and user-friendly. Modern and intuitive design that helps less experienced users.

  • Analyze your network, identify clients, and measure their performance in real time.
  • Troubleshoot and get recommendations. Forget about slow connections.
  • Detect APs and devices (Routers, tablets, phones, laptops, ...)
  • WIFI 7 support in all frequency bands

And many other features...

Capture all wifi packets coming from any device in a WiFi environment.
Analyze the WiFi networks protocol and performance at low-level.
The perfect complement to Acrylic Wi-Fi Analyzer, Heatmaps, and Wireshark.

  • Monitor mode improved.
  • Uses inexpensive and common hardware
  • Third party integration. Use your favorite software.
  • No complexity. No configuration required

And many other features...

Professionals agree:
Many powerful features and easy to use.

We designed new wifi deployments on all of our warehouses using Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps. Now we use it to periodically validate the performance in all our facilities.

All our technicians rely on Acrylic Wi-Fi Analyzer to solve problems arising in our customers' wireless networks.

With the Acrylic Wi-Fi Sniffer we have been able to monitor all clients connected to our WiFi networks and identify issues in the protocol configuration we were using.

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