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Free Educational Student License

At Acrylic Wi-Fi, we believe that education is the foundation of a modern society. The involvement in education results in promoting technological, social, and human development. Ultimately, it means contributing to a more prosperous society, boosting innovation, and enhancing quality of life for all its members.

Therefore, at Acrylic Wi-Fi, we offer our products free of charge to all teachers and students in Universities and Institutes of Technology. These licenses are intended for teaching and learning how to troubleshoot and analyse Wi-Fi networks; because investing in education and technology today is investing in tomorrow’s society.

If you are a Institute or University student registered with us, you simply have to enter your Institute or University e-mail address in the following box. A verification code to validate your free Acrylic Wi-Fi license will be sent to your registered email address.

Educational licenses are not applicable to university IT staff (soc, helpdesk, etc) as this is understood to be professional performance and not training as well as any other use of the licenses other than teaching or learning.

We offer a 20% discount for any education centre interested in using Acrylic Wifi suite for analysing their own Wi-Fi networks. Please contact us to get your discount!

  • Your university email address (ej: student_name@students.mit.edu):
  • Name of University: 
  • Webpage: 
  • Country: 
  • Use of the licenses: (All of the following information is required)
    – Teacher/instructor contact information (email, phone, department, etc).
    – Subject or course/area.
    – Brief description of the subjects to be studied with Acrylic Wi-Fi.

I agree that Tarlogic Security S.L. save the information on this form for the purpose of validating your information and contact me only about this application.