Site surveying 300 locations at a time across the United States.

Pilot Services Inc. challenge to perform 300 Wi-Fi site surveys in different facilities throughout the United States in 3 years.

Kim Warren, President of Pilot Services Inc.: “We were really challenged to find a cost-effective solution to do heat mapping in the field at over 300 locations. Acrylic is very easy to use and great to work with because we were able to secure 1-month licenses to use for each facility. This gave us the ability to get surveys completed very quickly because we could rely on a number of different technicians in the field to survey.”

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Ensuring proper Wi-Fi connection for X-ray medical devices with Acrylic WiFi Professional

Radlink is an American company in the health-care industry that designs, manufactures, and services a complete line of digital X-ray products that are cutting-edge, technologically advanced and user friendly. They have integrated Acrylic WiFi Professional in one of their latest products, Radlink GPS (Galileo Positioning SystemTM), in order to ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection in any operations room.

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The impact of a strong co-channel interference on a Wi-Fi network

wifi co-channel interference

Performing a post-deployment site survey is essential to confirm the Wi-Fi network meets customer requirements. In this case, Elheim found a network with strong co-channel interference that, since it had not been properly audited, they added more APs than necessary in order to solve the Wi-Fi connection issue, worsening the situation.

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