Acrylic WiFi update v1.0.5189.36360

Today, opening Acrylic WiFi Free, you may have noticed that there is a brand new update of the software (v1.0.5189.36360). With last week’s Acrylic launch at RootedCon, we left behind some important changes and improvements that we couldn’t include on time. Hence, on this post we sum up the main fixes:

What we fixed on this update

  • Driver: We included important improvements on driver’s WiFi capture performance to avoid packet loss.
  • Compatibility: We spelled some black magic to show signal strength and frequency properly, something that formerly refused to work.
  • Signal graphs: With driver improved performace, signal presentation of WiFi devices and Access Points will be more precise.
  • Usability: Some GI bugs and weird behaviours have been fixed.
  • Messages: Some component’s text labels have been renamed to improve usability.
  • GPS: GPS module works properly even though it didn’t obtain position when it’s connected.
  • Net interfaces: We corrected name and description of WiFi Interfaces obtained by WiFi driver.
  • Packet viewer: Buttons and functions are corrected.
  • Network Security: A bug that makes Acrylic show security of open and WEP security Networks wrongly when WPS was enabled.
  • Twitter integration: Now you truly can share information on Twitter, We fixed a little bug at this module.
  • Performance: Software speed have been noticeably improved. We are still working on it, to get down the already low resource consumption.

In addition to this changes on Acrylic engine and on Free Version, we’ve been about to move on Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps from beta status, where we fixed some capture and WiFi Heatmap representation functions. We consider that it’s fully stable, but finally, we decided to wait a little more to receive your feedback and confirm it.

Our intention is to launch monthly updates from now on, excluding those cases in which mayor bugs requires an out of schedule update. We will be informing you about how we will articulate beta publications so you can take part on it.

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