SNR/Wi-Fi signal strength map

A signal strength map, or SNR map, is quite similar to a Wi-Fi coverage map (heatmap), but this type includes Wi-Fi signal to noise ratio when graphically displayed. Wi-Fi SNR data collection and map generation features are now included in the latest version of Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps wireless coverage analysis software.Signal to noise ratio (SNR or S/N) is defined as the proportion between the propagated signal strength and the interfering noise power. SNR is measured in decibels.This Wi-Fi signal strength map is generated during a passive site survey by measuring Wi-Fi signal strength and Wi-Fi interferences to help identify well performing areas with stronger Wi-Fi signal. SNR signal level is calculated as the difference between signal strength and noise (SNR stands for ‘Signal to Noise Rate’). These values are required to generate Wi-Fi signal strength maps.The higher the value, the better the user experience, transmission speed, and Wi-Fi communication stability. The generation of this type of map requires measurements using an Airpcap NX card set on monitor mode, or Wi-Fi measurements on normal capture mode, which are compatible with all wireless cards.

Wi-Fi Signal Strength Map Color Scheme

Wi-Fi heatmaps, such as SNR signal strength map, are represented using color schemes that can be configured for better visual results. There are 11 color schemes available for signal strength representation. A Wi-Fi coverage report generated in an Acrylic Heatmaps Wi-Fi site survey comprises all these maps, including Wi-Fi signal strength map by default, along with many others. Are you ready to give Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps a try? The trial version is fully functional for one month.
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