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SNR/Wi-Fi signal strength map

Generate a wifi SNR map to calculate the wireless signal quality

A wifi snr map, or signal strength  map, is quite similar to a Wi-Fi coverage map (heatmap), but this type includes Wi-Fi signal to noise ratio when graphically displayed.

Wi-Fi SNR data collection and map generation features are now included in the latest version of Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps wireless coverage analysis software.

Signal to noise ratio (SNR or S/N) is defined as the proportion between the propagated signal strength and the interfering noise power. SNR is measured in decibels.

How to obtain the measurements

This Wi-Fi signal strength map is generated during a passive site survey by measuring Wi-Fi signal strength and Wi-Fi interferences to help identify well performing areas with stronger Wi-Fi signal.

SNR signal level is calculated as the difference between signal strength and noise (SNR stands for ‘Signal to Noise Rate’). These values are required to generate Wi-Fi signal strength maps.

The higher the value, the better the user experience, transmission speed, and Wi-Fi communication stability.

The generation of this type of map requires measurements using Acrylic Wi-Fi Sniffer or an Airpcap NX card set on monitor mode.

wifi snr map

Wi-Fi Signal Strength Map Color Scheme

Wi-Fi heatmaps, such as wifi snr map, are represented using color schemes that can be configured for better visual results.

There are 11 color schemes available for signal strength representation.
wifi snr heatmap color palette

A Wi-Fi coverage report generated in an Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps Wi-Fi site survey comprises all these maps, including Wi-Fi signal strength map by default, along with many others.

Also included is the automatic WiFi signal quality map, and many more.

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