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Introducing Acrylic Wi-Fi – WLAN analysis software

Welcome to the Acrylic Suite blog, the most advanced WLAN, Bluetooth analysis software for Windows.

Let’s take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you what you can expect from this space on the product range of Acrylic products in the future. Acrylic Suite is a product suite developed by the Tarlogic team and oriented towards the analysis and coverage of WLAN and bluetooth infrastructures.

Tarlogic is a cybersecurity services company specialized in ethical hacking, protection of critical infrastructures and wireless communications analysis.

Along the years we have used this knowledge to create Acrylic, a very different product from what currently exists in the market, a revolution in how to perform safety analysis and coverage of Wifi networks.

Acrylic Suite

Acrylic WiFi was initially introduced to the public at the computer security conference RootedCon in March of 2013 and since then, millions of people have downloaded our beta software and have put it to the limit, giving us a valuable aid to polish to the smallest detail. We want to thank all the users in their effort to make Acrylic Wi-Fi Analyzer becoming a reference product.

Over the coming weeks and months we will introduce many new features to you. Here are the most relevant ones:

  • Free Software: Acrylic Wi-Fi, as it was known so far, will change its name for Acrylic Suite, and will remain as a sniffer WiFi free for Windows.
  • Native support for Windows: Until now it was necessary to use a special hardware (AirPcap) to make the most use of Acrylic or to use the integration with Microsoft Network Monitor. This is no longer necessary and we have our own wifi sniffer for capturing in monitor mode.
  • Business Software: Our priority has always been to offer a product specialized in Wifi security, offering quality technical support to help companies improve their WLAN infrastructure. With this idea, a new range of products with advanced features will be introduced.

We will continue to publish new updates of our product range and interspersing technical articles to help you make your work more efficient.

Greetings from all the team at Tarlogic Security.