• Acrylic

    Acrylic Bluetooth Low Energy Scanner

    View the BLE beacons and identify devices
    Get the signal strength (RSSI) and discover devices around you

Escaner Bluetooth LE

Display Bluetooth LE information in real time. Identify IOT devices and discover all those devices you didn't know had Bluetooth connectivity.

BLE beacon viewer

Get detailed information on Low Energy Bluetooth devices

Signal strength

Signal level charts of Bluetooth devices

Configurable dynamic charts

Configure graph display by filtering by time and bluetooth signal strength range (RSSI)

Minimalist design

Simple, easy and intuitive interface. Light and dark theme available.

Free version

Free version compatible with Windows 10

Multi language

Available in English and Spanish. More languages will be added in the future

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Acrylic Bluetooth LE Scanner ligth theme

IOT device security

Identifies potential problems of security or privacy by discovering and identifying devices that you do not know have Bluetooth capabilities.

Identify Bluetooth devices

Thanks to the information provided as the type, name of the device or manufacturer you can identify the Bluetooth Low energy devices around you.

Acrylic Bluetooth LE Scanner dark theme
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