Wifi Software

Wifi design and planning, WiFi survey, WiFi mapping and troubleshooting software. Create new wifi deployments, Enhance your WiFi coverage and perform detailed WiFi analysis with Acrylic WiFi software.

Wifi design, Wifi planning, coverage analysis and WiFi site survey.

The essential WiFi software for designing and planning wireless LANs, analyzing WiFi coverage, studying network deployments (“Site survey”) and optimizing the performance, speed and coverage of your infrastructure.

WiFi analyzer software – WiFi speed and WiFi performance.

Advanced WiFi analyzer and professional WiFi scanner software to detect wireless networks and devices degrading your Wi-Fi network performance. Acrylic WiFi Professional supports monitor mode or promiscuous mode to detect WiFi devices and performance problems.

Free WiFi scanner and channel scanner software.

Free WiFi Scanner software for Windows for viewing wireless networks and channels.

The most advanced tool for investigation, monitoring and wifi analysis.

Get the locations of a mobile phone, the list of wireless networks you have used, control the presence and activity of a computer, all this and more with the tool designed and oriented to law enforcement.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional has helped Radlink with the deployment and optimization of its real-time image capture solutions during an implant surgery in patients, which needed intensive use of Wi-Fi communications.

Miguel Tarascó Acuña.

CEO Tarlogic Research.

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