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WiFi network device behavior analysis

The PCAP specification is the file format used to store wireless network traffic captures from network analyzers (sniffers), and this format is supported by popular tools such as Wireshark and winpcap compatible software. Acrylic also supports WiFi pcap files.

A WiFi traffic capture saved as a pcap file can be opened on Acrylic WiFi Professional for the collected data to be analyzed under a WiFi monitoring, and the software will then analyze WiFi access point and individual station behavior. For a more detailed capture, it is recommended to have Monitor Mode enabled.

WiFi packets will show on the WiFi sniffer window (packet viewer) as well as on the other program windows.

Opening a WiFi pcap file using Acrylic WiFi on Windows

Next you will learn how to use pcap files on Acrylic WiFi and what information can be collected from these files.

Remember you can generate WiFi reports using the captured data in pcap format on demand.

Download Acrylic WiFi Professional today and start analyzing real-time or offline network traffic through WiFi pcap file support.

Capture packets and analyze your wifi pcap files with Acrylic

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