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How to monitor a WiFi network with Acrylic wireless network traffic analyzer

To monitor a wireless network using Acrylic WiFi Professional on Windows you only need an integrated wireless network card or USB wireless network card. Acrylic network analyzer can capture WiFi network packets on Monitor Mode and can display WiFi networks and their client users in range graphically, just like a standard wireless network scanner, or by showing network packet details.

Acrylic includes its own 802.11 standard packet dissector (WiFi network packet parser) to display captured traffic details when monitoring.

The network packet viewer can display the captured WiFi network packets in real time, or open a pcap file to analyze the WiFi network packets. You can filter WiFi packets using the integrated filter editor. Using this method, you can select the WiFi network packet type (management, data, or control) to be displayed, and easily indicate WiFi attributes, filter by SSID, by MAC address (BSSID), etc. MAC addresses can be replaced by common names using the WiFi inventory module.

The WiFi network packet analyzer consists of three main parts:

  • WiFi network packet list: List of all captured WiFi network packets and related data (WiFi signal strength, WiFi network packet type, sending/receiving MAC addresses, BSSID, and visible WiFi network name.
  • WiFi network packet structure: Tree structure showing attributes and specific data from each frame.
  • Hexadecimal viewer: WiFi network packet content shown in a hexadecimal viewer.

Video on WiFi Network Packet Capture and WiFi Traffic Analyzer

As usual, the best way to learn is through an Acrylic WiFi videotutorial that will explain how to monitor your WiFi network traffic using this sniffer on Windows.

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