Note: This product has been replaced by: Acrylic WiFi Analyzer
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Documentation and tutorials

Documentation Acrylic WiFi Professional

Quick guide in English

this document provides a quick overview about how to use the software.

How to use Acrylic WiFi Network Scanner on Windows

On this link you’ll find information about how to use the WiFi network scanner

WiFi network device behavior analysis

Here you’ll find information about how to use the ‘Stations’ section and analyze the WiFi devices behaviour.

How to use WiFi AP and station inventory

This page will explain how to use the station inventory on the software, easing the analysis an tracking of Acess Points and WiFi devices.

How to generate WiFi reports for network and WiFi channel usage

This section explains how to export the data obtained during a WiFi monitorization (scan).

How to use WiFi pcap files on Windows

This section explains how to use a PCAP file, which is the standard format file used to store network traffic captures.

Videotutoriales Acrylic WiFi Profesional

WLAN monitor mode

Learn what monitor mode is and its relevance with WLAN sniffers to capture wireless frames under windows.

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WLAN Scanner

Acrylic WiFi WLAN Scanner usage, main functions and advanced network and channel information.

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WLAN reports

You can quickly and easily export WiFi monitoring results by generating an HTML WiFi report including all access points within the network range.

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WiFi Inventory

How to use Acrylic WiFi inventory to identify wireless devices and access points.

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Behavior analysis

When all wireless network packets sent by each device are captured by analyzing WiFi traffic, it is possible to know how a detected WiFi device is behaving.

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PCAP files

The PCAP specification is the file format used to store wireless network traffic captures from network analyzers (sniffers).

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Wireshark integration

Acrylic WiFi NDIS driver and airpcap replacement for wireshark support.

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WiFi measurements with GPS

It is possible to use an NMEA compatible GPS device to support WiFi network measurements.

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How to monitor WiFi

Analyze and monitor WiFi networks with the network packet viewer.

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WiFi online maps

How to perform a wireless capture on 802.11 networks, including the localization of the detected devices and networks on a small project (KMZ).

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WiFi Passwords

Learn how to test default WEP, WPA and WPA2 WiFi passwords with acrylic wifi password bruteforce module.

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