The Acrylic suite has several WLAN APIs with which developers and computer security enthusiasts can interact to obtain new functionality. This API will grow over time.

WiFi password scripts API

  1. API password generation: Scripts in c# that are dynamically executed from Acrylic to generate generic WiFi passwords of commercial WiFi router from several ISPs.

  2. API WPS password generation: Scripts c# to extract the WPS passwords (WiFi protected setup) of routers with WPS PIN mode active.

Libraries for WiFi traffic capture (WLAN API)

  1. WLAN packet capture API: Packet capture API specification which offers WiFi monitor mode on Windows thanks to the driver included in Acrylic.

  2. Airpcap API Wrapper: Replacement of Airpcap Library to provide automatic support from Acrylic NDIS driver to software compatible with Airpcap (Wireshark, Cain & Abel …)

Other software and source code

  1. Airodump: Software airodump for Windows