Wireless LAN security audit

WLAN Security audit

WiFi security check

Improve right now the security of your Wifi infrastructure by hiring the security team of experts in computer security of Tarlogic Security, who will put to test the security mechanisms of your organization.

Detect and protect your WiFi infrastructure from security risks. Detect unauthorized access points. Discover the presence of WiFi APTs that can be used to steal confidential information from your company and define the best strategy to ensure its perimeter.

How to improve WiFi security?

Our team of ethical hacking uses advanced security WiFi tools and analysis methodologies of WiFi security such as OWISAM, to find out risks in its infrastructure and to define an action plan with technical recommendations to protect its infrastructure from computer attacks.

Contact our team and we will offer a tailored approach to help your company analyze the actual status of your WiFi infrastructure and how to improve it.