Deployment of secure Wi-Fi networks

Deployment of secure WiFi networks

Installation and deployment of WiFi networks

Tarlogic and its partners have extensive experience in the deployment and installation of WiFi networks that are integrated with the services and security of wired networks. The security and the deployment type in such networks are key aspects to be considered because air is the main means of transmission, which you do not have physical control on.

A successful deployment should be based on security policies that are integrated with the implemented security mechanisms (such as integration with Microsoft Active Domain) and on a strict control of users and threats present in the shared media such as attacks or interference.

The solutions deployed by Tarlogic are based on next-generation WiFi which provides the system with mechanisms WIDS / WIPs (Wireless IDS and IPS) to protect against intrusion attacks as well as mechanisms to identify and to control the networks users.

With the presence of mobility these types of networks create new opportunities that can be implemented such as Voice Service over IP in WiFi, secure guest access service, and localization services on WiFi. For the implementation of these services it is necessary to have a partner with experience and knowledge of the needs to be implemented, as Tarlogic solvency credited.

Additionally, Tarlogic offers services to deliver a turnkey solution, taking care of the definition, installation (including wiring) and the implementation of solutions.

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