Wireless LAN consulting services

consultoria de redes wireless y redes WiFi

Planning of WLAN deployment

The analysis of the deployment of a Wifi network must take several factors into account when making the selection of the technologies to deploy, since settings are not all the same and each one of them has different needs and challenges that must be overcome.

In this phase, first, a radio electric environment modeling is performed wherein is to perform the installation, paying special attention to sources of interference which could affect the performance and network behavior of devices such as DECT wireless telephony devices, 4g equipment, Bluetooth devices, etc. The most appropriate technological alternative is to be proposed.

Similarly, the intended use of the network, services to be deployed and estimated user density of these means will be analyzed, since there is a difference in the performance needs of networks with little use, as warehouses or similar, and multimedia environments of high density, like auditoriums or public spaces, where the number of users per AP is high, and so is the concurrency of network traffic.

An important part of the work is to duly perform a simulation of the radio electric environment. For this reason, with the plans of the facilities provided and its quality memories it is possible to perform a theoretical coverage simulation in which we can obtain the expected signal levels for each point of the installation, and the location of the APs, allowing to provide its installation in the “construction phase” without modifying the installations already performed.

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