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Acrylic advanced Wi-Fi WLAN analyzer, heatmaps, coverage surveys, security, clients, best channel and much more.

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WiFi survey, WiFi mapping and troubleshooting software. Enhance your WiFi coverage and perform detailed WiFi analysis with Acrylic WiFi software.

WiFi survey software, WiFi coverage, Heatmaps

The essential software to perform a Wireless site survey and improve WiFi network quality, coverage and speed with high detailed heatmaps and editable reports.

WiFi analyzer software – Find best wifi channel, improve speed and performance

Advanced WiFi analyzer and professional WiFi scanner software to detect wireless networks and devices degrading your Wi-Fi network performance and find security issues. Supports monitor mode or promiscuous mode to detect connected clients and advanced details.

Intuitive free WiFi scanner and channel scanner software

Free WiFi Scanner software for Windows for viewing wireless networks and channels al home.

The most advanced tool for investigation, monitoring and wifi analysis.

Get the locations of a mobile phone, the list of wireless networks you have used, control the presence and activity of a computer, all this and more with the tool designed and oriented to law enforcement.

We were really challenged to find a cost-effective solution to do heat mapping in the field at over 300 locations. Acrylic is very easy to use and great to work with because we were able to secure 1-month licenses to use for each facility. This gave us the ability to get surveys completed very quickly because we could rely on a number of different technicians in the field to survey.

Kin Warren.

President of Pilot Services Inc.

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