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Acrylic advanced Wi-Fi WLAN analyzer, heatmaps, coverage surveys, security, clients, best channel and much more.

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Download for free the most innovative WiFi programs on the market, with which you can control and optimize the security and speed of your home and office WiFi networks.

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Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps

Download the coverage planning and analysis tool. Register to use a fully functional evaluation version to analysed and improve WiFi network coverage, improving speed and reducing interference.

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Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional

Download the Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional WiFi analyser and test its integrated Wi-Fi sniffer with which to diagnose WiFi networks and packages.

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Acrylic Wi-Fi Sniffer

Download Acrylic Wi-Fi Sniffer and try together with Wireshark or another Acrylic Wi-Fi product to improve Wi-Fi diagnostics at a higher detail of Wi-Fi traffic.

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Acrylic Wi-Fi LEA

The most advanced tool for investigation, monitoring and wifi analysis.

Get the locations of a mobile phone, the list of wireless networks you have used, control the presence and activity of a computer, all this and more with the tool designed and oriented to law enforcement.

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Acrylic Wi-Fi Home

Download the free Acrylic Wi-Fi Home application to scan Wi-Fi networks.

The program is free and you can get information about WiFi networks and channels.

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Acrylic Bluetooth Low Energy Analyzer

Download for free the Acrylic BLE application for scanning Low Energy bluetooth devices.

The program is free and you can get information about bluetooth devices as well as IOT devices.

We were really challenged to find a cost-effective solution to do heat mapping in the field at over 300 locations. Acrylic is very easy to use and great to work with because we were able to secure 1-month licenses to use for each facility. This gave us the ability to get surveys completed very quickly because we could rely on a number of different technicians in the field to survey.

Kin Warren

President of Pilot Services Inc.

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