Obtaining nearby WiFi networks information with Acrylic WiFi 2.1

Obtaining nearby WiFi networks information is easier with the new versions of Acrylic WiFi Free and Acrylic WiFi Professional, the most advanced WiFi network scanner, designed to quickly collect all the information of nearby WiFi networks. In Acrylic WiFi version 2.0, we had included two features that, for many users, were practically unnoticed: user satisfaction surveys when uninstalling the software [...]

Is a Hidden WiFi Network Secure? (Hidden SSID)

When performing a WiFi network security audit, it is important to identify hidden network names, also known as ESSID under the 802.11 standard. Before connecting, or even attempting to connect to a wireless network, its name must be known. Furthermore, in case of WPA/WPA2 security type networks, an ESSID is required to verify the Pre-Shared Key (PSK), the encryption key. [...]

OpenSSL heartbeat bug on WiFi networks (Heartbleed)

On April 7, 2014, an OpenSSL severe vulnerability in TLS heartbeat extension (CVE-2014-0160) was published that affects many services, such as Web servers, email systems, etc., and that may also affect WiFi heartbeat. The heartbeat security breach allows remote reading of memory fragments from the TLS OpenSSL remote service. Due to the severity of this vulnerability, all OpenSSL-based software should [...]