Acrylic WiFi, your WLAN analyzer and security Software

Advanced WiFi software for Windows. Try our Professional WiFi analyzer software for packet capture and advanced WiFi analysis or Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps for WiFi mapping and WiFi site survey.

WiFi coverage and WiFi heat maps

WiFi analyzer and WiFi site survey software

Acrylic WiFi is an innovative WLAN Scanner that performs detailed security and coverage analysis for WiFi communications networks in a very short time and at an unbeatable cost. It has a clear and intuitive interface where to display the existing communications devices, how they behave, what are the existing security options and to generate reports automatically.

With Acrylic WiFi analyzer you can identify problems such as the coexistence of devices with old standards that degrade the signal, the security risks of WEP, WPA or WPS passwords, the existence of unauthorized access points or the spread of a corporate WiFi network.

Coverage, heat maps and WLAN security reports

WLAN reports

Technical and management reports in Word format automatically and within seconds.

Online WLAN networks map

Google Maps

Generation of KML files for viewing online WiFi networks and site survey heat maps in Google Maps.

supported WLAN hardware

WiFi hardware

It supports any WiFi card and is compatible with AirPcap Classic, Tx and NX cards.

WLAN software

Product evaluation

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Acrylic WiFi HeatMaps for wireless survey and WiFi network mapping

Try Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps, our WiFi site survey software, for free. Download a fully working 1-Month trial and learn how easily create a detailed WiFi heatmap.
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